Brian D Williams (
Wed, 25 Jun 1997 08:00:59 -0700 (PDT)

Fellow Extropian and Wellbeing John K Clark writes:

>Of more concern to me are non technical questions, like will I
>really remain at liquid Nitrogen temperature until the age of
>Nanotechnology and will anybody or anything think I'm worth the
>trouble of reviving, the cost, like everything at that time, would
>not be much but it would not be zero.

This is an issue I don't feel we talk about enough, we spend alot
of time talking about the cost of suspension, but little or none
about the cost of revival.

It would seem we are talking about either a new financial
instrument, or serious modifications of existing ones, there may be
laws that need changing....

In Bruce Sterlings transhumanist novel "Holy Fire" the heroine
pays for her life extension process by signing over 95% of her
considerable assets, earned after a lifetime of conservative
investing, frugal living, and compound interest, "even inanimate
objects can get rich that way."

Things we need to talk about......

soon to be a new Alcor member....