Re: How important is money?

Michael Lorrey (
Wed, 25 Jun 1997 07:49:08 -0400

I William Wiser wrote:
> I am curious how important money is to people on this list.
> Would you take a job that had little effect on other extropian
> type goals but made you millions in a few years?

Millions and more are needed by existing extropian oriented technology
projects. While I once told a business partner who was getting pushy:
"Money is generic, it doesn't matter who it comes from, and it doesn't
care where it goes as long as it makes as much more of iteself as
possible." However, when it comes to high risk projects, money may be
generic, but it is not nearly as ubuquitous as one would hope.

> Can more be accomplished by funding research (or politics) than
> by direct involvement?

For every project which is funded, there are a dozens good ones that are
not. If any of use are better at making millions at something besides
research, so be it, more power to you, and gee, I've got this great
project that needs funding.....
> What sort of tradeoffs do you see between time spent making money
> and time spent doing other things? How much money is plenty?

Until I've got my own interstellar yacht, its not enough.

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