Re: Deep Blue colmun in TIME, May 19th

Michael Lorrey (
Wed, 25 Jun 1997 07:59:12 -0400

Eivind Berge wrote:
> Michael Lorrey wrote:
> >neo-Luddites
> ^^^
> I am getting tired of seeing this pleonasm on this list. All dictionaries
> I have checked list "any opponent of new technologies" as the second
> sense of "Luddite"; the "neo-" is completely redundant.

Sorry if Webster hasn't been informed by historians. Historically, the
Luddites existed over a hundred years ago in Britain. The modern
movement, which has not been violent, exhibits the same xeno- and
techno-phobias as its predecessor but is not directly descended from it.
Using the term is as applicable by historians as using the term

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