Re: "punishment"

E. Shaun Russell (
Tue, 24 Jun 1997 16:08:26 -0700

Mark Grant wrote:

>Uh, he's not walking away freely; he's walking away with tens or hundreds
>of thousands of dollars in fines (possibly millions if he's rich). He
>either makes arrangements to pay up or no legal system will accept him and
>he becomes an outlaw; he's then prey for any real maniacs out there or the
>collection agency can kidnap him and sell him as a slave or something.
>Whatever happens he's not going to go on to lead a good and happy life.

Alright...thanks for clearing that up for me. I was under the
impression before that criminals could buy themselves out of trouble if they
had enough money etc. I think I'll have to check out Friedman's book...
this seems like quite an interesting system.

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