Anton Sherwood (dasher@netcom.com)
Mon, 23 Jun 1997 18:12:30 -0700

: Mark Grant wrote:
: > The problems with dumbocracy are fundamental, and cannot be corrected;
: > the basic idea is that a small group of badly informed people hundreds
: > or thousands of miles away are better qualified to judge situations than
: > those who are directly involved. All that 'full participation' will do
: > is to give this judgement power to millions of badly informed people
: > rather than hundreds. Personally I think that's much worse.

"Hagbard Celine" writes
: So then the problems with dumbocracy can be corrected. Keep all people
: well-informed.

As well informed about EVERYONE ELSE as about themselves?

Never mind rational ignorance, we've got a serious privacy problem here.

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