Rick Knight (
Mon, 23 Jun 97 10:51:38 CST

Rick Knight commented:

It does occur for me that amongst the many contributors to this list,
there is a preference for those things most proveable, tangible and
material rather than anything etherial, supposed, or otherwise

Mark Grant replied:

Personally I want to achieve a variety of tangible things; the only
reliable way of doing that is to concentrate on the tangible, provable
and material aspects of life. I've met zillions of people who dream
about and talk about achieving many things, but few who actually do
anything about it. The latter folks have a high success rate, the
former almost zero.

Rick responds:

Action is the only logical way to get things done. I only advocate
balance between the realm of dreaming/imagining/intention-ing and
acting on those intentions. And I'd imagine that *zillions* was a
metaphor <G>.