GAME: Strike Commander

Mark Grant (
Sun, 22 Jun 1997 14:54:35 +0000

So why am I writing about a game which was first released four years ago?
Well, I'm too stingy to spend $50-80 on a game, so I tend to buy them
later for $20 or so, and at the time the recommended hardware requirements
(486/50 + 8MB of RAM) were far too high for any computer I had access to.

The game itself is basically a flying-around-shoot-em-up, though more
realistic than most, but the interesting aspect is the background. It's
kind of an anarchist 'Top Gun', with the US falling apart into seperate
states and mercenary fighter squadrons battling against collapsing nations
and the dreaded IRS ('We know where you live -- and where your kids hang
out too').

It has a very anti-authoritarian feel; missions include locating and
shooting down the director of the IRS and attacking the local goverment
for increasing taxes, and at the moment my squadron is protecting the
Hawaiian Seccessionists from US Navy attacks.

Anyway, I thought it made a pleasant change from battling the evil
Russkies, or, these days, the evil terrorists. If you're a frustrated
fighter pilot at heart and have $20 to spare, it's worth a go.

Anyone know of any other games out there with a similar background?


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