Re: Spectrum of Thought( was Imagination vs Critical thought)
Sat, 21 Jun 1997 03:40:10 -0400 (EDT)

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> That is a good point. Placing things on a line tends to suggest a
> dichotomy. It would be better to see it as a complete graph, where
> each mental ability forms a vertex...

aarrrgghhh.... placing things on a continuum, is what I meant by sliding
scale, not a LINE... arrgghhhh, this debate shit makes me crazy . maybe it's
just cuz I suck at it!
Oh., BTW - I have been acused of being emotional, um...
- is that something bad?

Ok, I am not making myself clear:
imagine a sliding scale of thought in time, not in space...
Imagine perceptions and thoughts as a Stream, not isolated bits of
information or data.
In this stream, or continuum, we move through our day - thinking.
In other words, we slide from a high focus logical state: deductive, linear,
used for say, a math problem... then perceptions influence your "thought
stream" - say , a noise behind look behind you and gather some
fresh perceptions, your mental focus slides into a different focus, - your
focus governs the relationship to your thoughts.

Some people, some of the time, percieve the world in a way that fastens on
the details, clipping out interesting detail of a scene, such observers
question and wondr abotu the details. This type of person may go after the
data, for closer inspection.
Some people, some of the time, percieve in a "diffuse "way, simply watching
the world go by... more likey to notive mood and ambiance than to fasten
analytically on particular details. Ths person will be more passive, rather
than go hunting about the landscape huntng for points of interest.
everyone experiences both, and will recognize some aspects of themslves at
least in some measure...

One of these is a high focus state and the other low...
Higher focus people are more comfortable camping out for sustained periods at
the the higher ends of the spectrum. Lowere focus personalities aren't.

When you believe thoughts are bits of data points, then there is a dichotomy,
because you will see it as a bunch of points on a graph paper...
If you see us as a stream, it will be more of a pattern...