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>"Modern" art (which is not really modern anymore - we need a new name)
>generally leaves me cold, no matter how well I understand it. John Cage can
>be interesting, but I don't think he should be listened to - his pieces are
>better appreciated as visual or conceptual art.

I have great fondness for Cage. He first created his music to animation on
Sunset Boulevard above what is now the Whisky A-Go-Go. There he and Oscar
Fischinger (animator) explored symbolic imaging with sound. I love what he
did with Ju Ju (African for becoming emerged in the "play" of life - a type
of Action Art where you see what happens next by fully participating in the
art of life.) Best experienced by the one doing it -;)

> Some abstract painting
>(complex semi-random smears/streaks/etc), however, I now like, as I realized
>it's very similar to the appearance of polished stone. "Fantasy stone", I
>call it.

Modern Art covers a century of art and many styles and art movements. Its
roots can be seen in French 19th-century avant-garde throughout the late
20th Century. Modern Art subsets such as the Abstract Arts of Cubism,
Abstract Expressionism , Fauvism, etc. are less literal (Impressionism,
etc.) than symbolic and noted for their design quality and color.
(Mondrian, geometric shapes and monochromatic colors expresses a theory of
universal harmony.)

The Modern Art era completed and there was a fusion of Conceptual Art and
Action Art, Performance Art and other genre's when Technological Art came to
surface. This was/is a fascinating period of art because we can watch art
create itself vis-a-vis digital evolution and the Electronic Arts (Virtual
Reality, A-Life.) Simultaneously, Transhumanist Art (1982) grew into
Extropic Art (1997) which is an art movement (subsets Automorph Art and
Exoterra Art) combining imagination with critical thought. Voila!

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