Re: Extropians: The Un-<that 'c' word>

Kathryn Aegis (
Thu, 19 Jun 1997 18:37:53 +0000

>That's useful feedback, thanks. Do other folks agree? The spiral logo is a
>neat way of saying "here is extropian stuff" but if it really does give the
>wrong impression we might need to scale back on its use. Is it just the
>spiral logo, or do other aspects of the site give a misleading impression.

Unfortunately, many new ageish cults have adopted the symbols and
artistic style that used to be within the domain of those who
considered themselves pragmatic futurists. Reading up on Heaven's
Gate really opened my eyes to the appropriation of verbiage and
symbology to create a veneer of scientific appropriateness.

Whether organizations like Extropy should accomodate this and change their
own style is another question. Any symbol might be interpreted in a
cabalistic manner; why should we limit our artistic expressions? I
would rather that effort be put towards correcting these (previously
discussed) citations of Extropy Institute as a cult and getting hard
information out about transhumanist thought in general.


Kathryn Aegis

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