Re: Spectrum of Thought( was Imagination vs Critical thought)
Thu, 19 Jun 1997 13:05:03 -0400 (EDT)

Daniel Lee Crocker

> I really don't see that. I simply them both as completely disjoint
> capabilities--among hundreds of different things the mind is capable
> of, none of which bears any relation to any other, and that are not
> on any "scale".

Thanks Lee... again a great post.
This, to me is like saying brain and mind are different. Thoughts, all of
them, are a part of mind. I do not mean to say that they all come from the
same PART of the mind. When you daydream, you are using the same mind that
uses logic, you are merely using it for a different thing. If you have
trained that mind to logic, it will respond better in those areas.

I was not thinking in terms of inherent thought "capabilities", because I am
convinced that, unlike our present physical limits, we have a LOT of control
of our thoughts, and can choose our thoughts. Also that we can train them.
I would choose 'thought skills', and give the owner his/her free will in the

>As you say, some people are better at or more
> comfortable with certain mental talents, just as some people are
> better at specific physical skills.

I think that is a bit different, yet still I prefer skill to talent, which
implies that we were born with it, rather than developed it. think the
discomfort I used to feel in logical, numb, pure focus thought was due to
lack of using it, not a capability I lacked...
If there is a physiological predisposition toward rational thought, it has
not ever come to my attention. I have heard rumblings that women lack the
logical skills of mathematics, but have not wanted to let that stop me from

I think it is good that you
> encourage people to develop all of those abilities. But when you
> explicitly compare two of them and place them on a scale, you make
> the mistake of implying that they interfere somehow.

I see, and I will think about that. You have a point. Conversely I have
become convinced that this perceived "sliding scale" model frees one to more
creative thoughts ( To visualize this: compare it to the slide from the
dreamlike highly illogical state of sleep, into the clear alert morning
thoughts of scheduling, and back to musing, say in a shower, to the creative
"AHAA" state, where a sudden burst of inspiration hits you) you strengthen
those skills... whereas seeing them as different and separate, keeps one
thinking you are good at ONE and not the other. Where they may just be
different functions of the same thing....

Anyway, if you want to reply, do so off list, I am going to go away again -
clearly I am better at images and avatars than at words about art or muses~
apaolgies to any who i offended
Love and Rockets,