Re: ignorance is strength

Michael Lorrey (
Thu, 19 Jun 1997 09:01:12 -0400

Anton Sherwood wrote:
> Michael Lorrey defends censorship of advertising:
> : Sorry. Though I'm very libertarian, I think that any product which is
> : addictive should be able to be regulated in this fashion. [...]
> : [...] People have the right to put whatever they
> : want in their bodies, in my opinion. They also have the right to be free
> : of outside influence when making those choices, a part of their basic
> : 9th + 10th amendment privacy rights.
> Because of outside pressure from my parents, I became a food addict
> in early childhood. Food advertising should be banned.
> Seriously, has anyone except a wolf-boy ever made any decision
> "without outside influence" ??
The influence of your parents during childhood, you are legally stuck
with, though with a good shrink, one can usually minimize the damage
later. You pick your freinds, so its your fault what they do to you. You
vote for your elected representatives, so its your fault what they do to

One could reasonably say, "buy that magazine at your own risk, caveat
emptor", although this is a place where one's right to be informed is
used to do an end run around your privacy. However, I wouldn't want to
have to lock my TIME and NEWSWEEK magazines up in a safe like my guns
and Playboys/Penthouse's just to keep them away from my kids. Nor would
I want my kids or nieces/ nephews to be bombarded with billboards
enticing them to smoke while they are on the bus on their way to school.
I also do not see any commercial free sources of news available.

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