Anton Sherwood (
Wed, 18 Jun 1997 19:14:58 -0700

Chris Thompson writes
: So as extropians looking at the political arena, we must look at the
: best "Intelligent Technology" to win elections. THAT is the prime
: directive of a party today. You win elections first, make change
: later. We need a slick, savvy, intelligent, photogenic person as a
: mouthpiece, and once elected, work change from the shadows. Deceitful?
: perhaps. The way things are done already in most other parties?
: Definitely.

Winning elections is the purpose of a political movement
like killing foreigners is the purpose of an army.

Would you lie about your goals to get elected?

: As a 28 year old, I cannot run in the important elections for another
: 7 years. There is an Ohio Senatorial race in my 35th year, and I will
: be running.

You're already old enough for Congress (25).
At 30 you can run for Senate.
Only the Presidency requires 35 years.

At what age does the typical American stop daydreaming
about running for President as soon as he's eligible? ;)

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