Re: Spectrum of Thought( was Imagination vs Critical thought)
Wed, 18 Jun 1997 18:32:06 -0400 (EDT)

I apologize for my lack of skill at debate, for the reason that the two
points I was trying to make got lost somehow, and I was mistaken as saying
that low focus, noncritical thought is *better* or more *beautiful* than
critical, scientific high focus thought. not what I meant at all..
so here goes again:
I merely seek to point out that *both* have their own role to play in the
creative act, IN FACT, neither one is separate from the other - it is more of
a sliding scale, with logic and critical/rational linear thought on one end,
and dreaming/emotional/imagination based thought on the other...
The mind can exist in both, to one degree or another...and neither one should
be revered as superior, or should end up eliminated..
This does NOT mean that I ignore the beneficial evolutionary trend towards
higher focus, logical thought, nor devalue it's role in the development of
our present technological fortitude.

And it is numb.

Furthermore, IMO, some individuals are more comfortable staying on high
focus, less imaginative thoughts, just as some are only comfortable in low
focus, intuitive and emotional thinking...
IMO, the more advanced we become we will be able to slide up and down the
scale with ease, imaginative/emotional and critical/logical - depending on
what is most useful to our task. This does not negate the beauty and grace
of either state.
As I said, the type of thought useful for songwriting, creating worlds and
images may not work in a practical situation... but then the same is true for
the reverse!

I found it interesting that was perceived as insulting to logic! However I am
at fault, for I was not clear.

I was asserting that on the list, an unintentional denigration of those
traits ( (emotional, intuitive, imaginative, artsy touchy feely thoughts) had
the implication that a person who does enjoy a good MUSE- imaginative,
emotional, visual, poetic, romantic, dreamy... is doing something

Maybe I am correct, and my musings are not valued.. since I am not a
scientist, only a to science.... but my experience with Extropy is that
regular doses of low focus, belly laughing, fun, music neophyte, pleasure,
laughter, dreams and flights of fancy are imperative to a good full
experience, along with -nanotechnology, cryonics and the delights of arguing
whether A =A

With Love,