An Extropian Nation ??!

den Otter (
Wed, 18 Jun 1997 19:25:55 +0200

In recent mailings there has been talk of "changing the system from within"
by an "Extropian Party" or something like that. I can almost guarantee you
that this won't work, because (true) Extropians are such an incredibely
minority. In fact if Extropy were some suicidal CULT it would have more
than it has now. Our "enemies" are not just the politicians and business
conglomerates and their henchmen who rule the present "system", but also
"the people" themselves. They are the ones who really hold the system up,
and prevent important social/political/ economical/technological change.
The reasons for this are of course a childish fear of "the unknown", an
aversion to personal responsibility, pure laziness, stupidity and related
negative characteristics. Indeed, most people prefer to huddle up
under the ubusive wings of Big Brother, pretending to be safe, rather than
to boldly and independently surge forwards in life, always looking for

Therefore, any attempt to change the system from within is certain to fail,
progressive Extropian ideas simply lack a broad popular support.
Consequently, Extropian politicians would be a small minority and thus an
easy target for their less enlightened colleagues. Their progressive
proposals would either be badly
compromized, or be ignored/defeated.

What are the alternatives then; doing nothing? No, this would definately
be very
un-Extropian. "Dropping out", as has been suggested in earlier postings?
only not as some kind of "lone individualist" living in the hills, but
rather as a group
of ultra-progressive colonists. Whereto? Well, at first an ISLAND STATE
be the new Extropian homeland (something like the Libertarian Island, only
preferably on an already existing island that would be bought. This is a
lot easier
and cheaper then the "floating concrete" variant). In this new state (with,
of course,
minimal government according to the enlightened Extropian principles) a
advanced civilization could develop in relative peace and freedom,
combining the best social/technological ideas the world has to offer.
Cryonic suspensions would
for instance be the norm, and would have full financial/legal backing by
and state. Other so-called "controversial procedures" like genetic
euthanasia (of course followed by suspension) and abortion could be
in a safe and supporting environment. Due to the unusually high
concentration of
enlightened minds, the new state would soon be a hotbed of new ideas and
technologies, and a mecca for brilliant researchers, artists, engineers,
experts etc. etc. Also, many (legal/economical) advantages of having your
own state would bring unprecedented wealth to it's inhabitants. Money that
could at
least partially be used to accelerate important research (like the
Prometheus Project) and the next important step...the journey to and the
colonization of MARS.

Real freedom lies in space, and Mars seems like the most rational place to
up colonies, before venturing into "the great beyond". If the Extropians
can make
it to one of the planets, they can have their own HOMEWORLD, hopefully the
of many. Mars could be relatively easy terraformed by letting big chunks of
crash on the surface -> instant atmosphere (in theory, at least). The
of an Extropian homeworld are even greater than those of the island state,
because of the almost absolute freedom from the oppressive, backward
"sheaple" back on earth, and their stifling, antiquated ideas.

Of course the "conquest of Mars (and later space) would have to be done in
phases; first preparing and executing trips to the moon, setting up lunar
to built a large (rotating -> artificial gravity) spaceship, testing
spaceship, flight to
Mars (photon/solid/liquid fuel propulsion, for instance), going in a high
orbit above Mars, sending expeditions to set up colonies, while others
search for ice (frozen H2O) to terraform Mars, terraforming and "adjustment
period", inhabitation.

Any "tough" future colonists (the real Extropians) out there?

Dalibor den Otter