Re: Imagination vs. Critical Thought

Wed, 18 Jun 1997 13:06:46 -0400 (EDT)

"Lee Daniel CROCKER"

> What can be done to forever kill off this evil, dangerous, and slanderous
> meme that scientific rigor isn't beautiful? The idea that there is a
> conflict between rational thought and creativity is common in our
> culture, but anyone who is capable of both knows what hogwash it is.
> This idea must be rooted out and exposed before it kills off the
> future of rational thought in future generations.

Exactly!! Yes, absolutely true! THANK YOU for saying so! That false dichotomy
is capable of killing us! And try and stretch around to the other side and
think: What can be done to kill off the dangerous, slanderous meme, that
non-critical thought isn't useful and crucial to the creative process? That
is brands one forever irrational to use that part of our wetware?

> Are the stars less wonderous to me because I understand nuclear fusion?

NO! The wonder remains and is even MORE awesome!

> Is a rose less beautiful because I understand how a high-phosphorous
> fertilizer and a good drip system made it that way?

No, but it won't explain the essence of it's pleasure! And those items are
not particularly appetizing to contemplate in metaphor, whilst the rose...

Is a Feynman
> lecture any less a great work of art than a Wagner opera?

Wagner to my mind IS one of those critical artists... boring...

Who are you
> to ridicule the intense beauty I find in an argument as finely crafted
> as any Michaelangelo sculpture?

I am so sorry you thought I ridiculed you, Lee, please! I meant no such
thing! Hey - don't be so sensitive! In fact, I admire you, I applaud your
intelligence and focus!

> I /am/ an artist, dammit, and not because I have a few silly poems on
> my web page,

Do you really? I must go see, immediately!

>but because I see the beauty in a mathematical proof,

Ahh, I long to understand that art! It is from what I hear a beauty of
immense pleasure! My mind is having a very hard time with it and I have been
It is one hope of mine that in this lifetime I can grasp that ancient
Thanks for reminding me...

> inspiring integrity of a rigorous philosphical argument, the fine
> craftsmanship of a good statistical analysis, the impact of a carefully
> tuned paragraph. I pity those who only see art in trinkets of shape
> and color

Trinkets! Hey, finally someone sees the POINT!
This is a touchstone.... a crux...
You have hit upon the powerfully dangerous and slanderous meme of ART AS
PURELY VISUAL OBJECTS! Thanks Lee, that says it beautifully! Creative
thought, and all the ways to it, *are* art! I am sorry you totally
misunderstood my post about the higher values of "Low- focus", imaginative (
I am not as good at expressing myself as some writer types). I want to stress
that as an Extropian, I of course value rational thought. It is helpful for
many tasks and Musings..! My point was that both are ultra valuable
especially to creativity of new and unlimited types,
but thanks for your searing and emotional reply, for it shows me how tender
this area is!
....thanks for being so passionate about your art(s)

>when the true miracles of the human mind are so much more
> powerful and further-reaching.

I agree wholeheartedly!