Re: Imagination vs. Critical Thought

E. Shaun Russell (
Wed, 18 Jun 1997 08:38:32 -0700

Lee wrote:

>>Anders, you are not so disarmingly critical as many of our male list members,
>>but Anders, you are also an artist, as I am, and the realm of play and
>>creativity is COMFORTABLE to us... not so for many of our more critical,
>>high focus friends...
>I /am/ an artist, dammit, and not because I have a few silly poems on
>my web page, but because I see the beauty in a mathematical proof, the
>inspiring integrity of a rigorous philosphical argument, the fine
>craftsmanship of a good statistical analysis, the impact of a carefully
>tuned paragraph. I pity those who only see art in trinkets of shape
>and color when the true miracles of the human mind are so much more
>powerful and further-reaching.

That is very true. However, I don't think that Nadia was trying to
seperate art from science, but moreover to show that *others* often try to
create such a rift. Anyone who enjoys something enough to excel in it is
the true artist...the creator.

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