Re: disadvantages of uploading

Hara Ra (
Mon, 16 Jun 1997 01:40:07 -0700 wrote:

> Everyone seems to know why uploading would be an advantage (the usual
> uploading memories, eternal life, etc.) But my original question was this:-
> To simulate physical object (which we all are) in all detail (all detail to
> our knowlege) would take more physical space than the original object. (etc)

If representing the function of a brain requires simulating every atom
in the brain then there's no point to creating uploads beyond the
virtues of creating backup copies. However, it may well be that the
number of bits required to effectively simulate a neuron is quite small,
say less than 10^6. Making a neuron via biology is then an incredibly
inefficient way to do so, and other approaches could provide many orders
of magnitude improvements in size, speed and energy required. Also, an
upload provides access to many of the abstractions which make computers
so useful. For example, editing. As wetware I have only very, very
limited access to editing myself. Or how about optimization and what-if
scenarios, things done every day with spreadsheets? The list of
possibilities is huge.

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