Re: Imagination vs. Critical Thought ( was: Sensitive issues)

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} Anders, you are not so disarmingly critical as many of our male list members,
} but Anders, you are also an artist, as I am, and the realm of play and
} creativity is COMFORTABLE to us... not so for many of our more critical,
} high focus friends...

Where do you get this? I admit I'm less sensitive to such things, but I
haven't noticed many denouncings of art and entertainment on the list.
All I remember is Eliezer's obsession with Singularity-creating as the
primary and only goal of his life. In fact, I thought the cyclical
complaint about the list was that there was too much play and creativity
on it that wasn't backed up by efforts to apply to the real world. I
certainly haven't noticed an oversupply of technical data or
mathematical theorems on the list.

I have heard suggestions that the proportion of technical types at home
in the liberal arts is probably higher than the proportion of liberal
arts natives at home in technical subjects. Of course there isn't so
much social approval of a defensive pride in ignorance of the
humanities, the way people can shrug off not having a mathematical or
scientific clue in most circles.

} For myself ... it leaves me feeling that I am being told I have nothing to
} contribute to "extroping"...unless I can "prove" a value to art and
} creativity, in some objective way. Bluntly ignored by many, or subjected to

Insofar as for me "extroping" is not something I worry about applying to
my entire life, you don't have much to contribute. It's not that I'm
too stodgy to appreciate art; I'm a very big fan of fairy tales and
Celtic music. Visual tastes aren't so well-developed, but what I've
seen in members' galleries hasn't grabbed me. Ditto for much of the
poetry. As I lack the language and concepts to usefully criticize what
I don't like of "transhuman art", and am too subjectivist to place a
high priority on learning how at the moment, exactly what should I do?
When I think of "extroping" (actually I've never used such a word
myself) I think of Della Lu or the High Willow, and those connections
are largely technically defined.

Merry part,
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