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>Has anyone considered the use of double Y chromosomes. Would this be at all
>possible (I don't know how you would go about doing it)? Would the foetus
>grow, or does it need an X? What would we end up with, a hideous monster? a
>pile of goo?

"Besides their role in sex, the sex chromosomes (particularly the X
chromosome) carry other genes whose functions are quite different. For
example, there are several genes on the X chromosome responsible for
producing the light-sensitive pigments in the cone cells of our retinas, and
another gene for one of the proteins concerned with bloodclotting. The fact
that these genes are on the X chromosome means that their inheritance is
sex-linked (specially, that males inherit these genes from their mothers,
not their fathers), but they are not functionally concerned with sex or
sexual behavior in any way. Correspondingly, ther are many genes on the
autosomes that are concerned with sex, but their actions are controlled (via
a long chain of causes and effects ) by TDE."

_The Sexual Brain_, Simon LeVay.

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