Re: Extropian Political Party??

Michael Lorrey (
Tue, 17 Jun 1997 18:00:37 -0400

Chris Thompson wrote:
> ---Anders Sandberg <> wrote:
> > Isn't being a political party a tacit acknowledgment that one accepts
> > the current economical-political system?
> Interesting point. It calls to mind what my mother used to tell me as
> a child. "Dont do that," she would say, "or you become no better than
> them." (Where 'that' was getting in a fight, tattling, etc.)

If I listened to everything my mother told me, I'd be living in a

> It also reminds me of Rearden's defense in "Atlas Shrugged." That by
> refusing to be part of the system, you refuse to be ruled by it, and
> deny its right to control you. A defense which hasnt served American
> militia and separatist groups well.

By self disenfranchising, you lose a voice in what others can do to you.
A rather self defeating isolationist view.

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