Re: Extropian Political Party??

Chris Thompson (
Tue, 17 Jun 1997 07:02:11 -0700 (PDT)

---Anders Sandberg <> wrote:
> Isn't being a political party a tacit acknowledgment that one accepts
> the current economical-political system?

Interesting point. It calls to mind what my mother used to tell me as
a child. "Dont do that," she would say, "or you become no better than
them." (Where 'that' was getting in a fight, tattling, etc.)

It also reminds me of Rearden's defense in "Atlas Shrugged." That by
refusing to be part of the system, you refuse to be ruled by it, and
deny its right to control you. A defense which hasnt served American
militia and separatist groups well.

The real point here is that you, as an Extropian, have two choices.
You can be a Hank Rearden, living life your way, but still being
affected by governmental pressures. (Taxes, local ordinances, etc.)
There are things which are difficult to shrug off. (Although, that
does lead us back into the Perpetual Traveler discussion of two weeks

Or, you can use the system as a tool. As an American, I dont have alot
of say in my government. All I can do is use the structure as it is.
And if I see the structure of government as a tool to be used for
change, a very extropian view IMO, I will learn to play the game of
politics. I may not always win, but in my book, it beats doing nothing.

The two extropian stances on Politics, as I see it, are Becoming a
Perpetual Traveler and dropping out entirely (and legally), or playing
the political game to it's fullest, using it as one uses a hammer or a


P.S.- My recent posts on political issues have a decidedly American
slant because that is all I know. The true GEP (Grand Extropian party)
would be multinational. I realize that politics in, say, Russia are
vastly different than here. But I know that I will be looking for a
political party in 2004 when, finally at age 35, I run for the
Senatorial seat in Ohio. Perhaps I'll be part of the Max More/Robin
Hanson Presidential bandwagon of the Extro Party.
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