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Bartley Troyan (
Mon, 16 Jun 97 17:01:42 -0400

Someone wrote:
> a coworker of mine has the same book, titled "alt.culture"
> i believe. the word cult was used in the classic context,
> as in a small group of like minded people. i'd say it was
> pretty accurrate.

Aaah... somebody mentioned the book alt.culture and I remembered
that they have a web site at
(It's actually cool, just try their "auto-pilot" feature for a TV-like
experience :-)

Here's what they have to say at
[Image:Extropian logo (Extropy Institute)]
California-based nonprofit mini-cult of fewer than 500 members built on
the belief that future technologies will overcome problems that today
seem insoluble. Immortality through technology is a central tenet of
Extropianism: fervent hopes for the future include cryogenics, time
travel, and uploading one's consciousness to a computer. The
organization, whose guiding light is an Englishman called Max More (b.
Max O'Connor), also embraces libertarian thinkers such as Ayn Rand;
ideas like privatizing the air are expounded in the magazine Extropy,
as are neologisms like "de-animation" (death), "disasturbation"
(wishful disaster scenarios), and "smart-faced" (stoned). The
Extropians' slender achievements were hymned in a lengthy 1994 _Wired_

<A HREF="">Extropians and Other
<A HREF="">Extropy Institute</A>

Bart Troyan