Re: The Cartesian Theater

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Mon, 16 Jun 1997 20:22:41 +0100

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"Perry E. Metzger" <> wrote:

>> From: Brent Allsop <>
>> Yes, He [Dennett] basically argues that: we don't have qualia,
>> "It just seems that we do". (Quote from Consciousness explained.)
>> But this is absurd if you think about it. An inacurate
>> seeming is some conscious knowledge that we have that does not
>> acurately model what it is suposed to represent. So he is basically
>> simply arguing we don't have qualia, we just have qualia that falsely
>> represents the fact that we have qualia. An obviously silly statement
>> that assumes we have qualia to start with.
>I am neither sure that you have accurately represented Dennett's
>arguments against qualia nor that the notion is "absurd..."
I think Dennett's idea is that there is no mental 'substance' from which
qualia could be made, and that our seeming to have them is a *judgement*
we make when probed, not a sort of phenomenal surface or 'thin film'
(made of - as he puts it - mental 'figment') that we could merely report
on like we would report on something physical we saw.

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