Re: Cultural Dominants

Reilly Jones (
Sat, 14 Jun 1997 15:17:02 -0400

Michael Butler wrote 6/14/97: <Have you actually read the work in questio=
(_The Fourth Turning_). If not, how can you be sure you know what their
actual thinking is? Or doesn't that matter--is a kneejerk reaction based=

on second- or nth-hand opinion all you're up for?>

I answered this back in a post on 3/6/97 titled ""The Fourth Turning" - A=

Must Read". I don't like repeating myself so I only reposted the bare
minimum from this, I'm sure it's archived somewhere in the cyberether for=

your perusal. I'm flattered that you think my lengthy and articulate pos=
might qualify as a "knee-jerk reaction."

Michael: <You seem like an interesting person, I hope we can talk

Why, thank you. Exchanging pleasantries on-line is always refreshing.

P.S. In case someone is dying to correct me, I know Braudel's first name
was really Fernand, not Ferdinand. I routinely make this mistake because=
think of his girlfriend, Isabella.

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