Re: Cultural Dominants

Michael M. Butler (butler@comp*
Sat, 14 Jun 1997 09:03:20 -0700

Just a gentle question, the same one I'd ask myself:

>> No year is to be given a privileged position when starting a
cyclical analysis. There is no "generation" identifiable anywhere except
in relation to yourself and yourself alone. To arbitrarily assert
otherwise is to commit a category error in analysis.

Have you actually read the work in question? (_The Fourth Turning_).
If not, how can you be sure you know what their actual thinking is?
Or doesn't that matter--is a kneejerk reaction based on second- or nth-
hand opinion all you're up for?

Methinks I hear a category error in analysis, but not the one you hear...

>Reilly Jones | Philosophy of Technology:
> | The rational, moral and political relations
> | between 'How we create' and 'Why we create'

You seem like an interesting person, I hope we can talk sometime.

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