Extropians rule the world (was Re: Extropian Cult)

Sat, 14 Jun 1997 07:25:57 -0400 (EDT)

Eugene Leitl writes:

> > How about an extropian party!? Maybe then we'll see some change.
> This must be pure, morphogenetic, mythical synchronicity at work. Have
> been thinking about this for days. While archetypal red herring, consider
> the GEP -- Global Extropian Party (hey, even the Natural Law guys have
> managed this).
> I freely admit this being the fringe de la fringe, but why not giving it a
> spin? ;)
> ciao,
> 'gene
> P.S. What's the programme? Cryonics for the masses? Death to neoludds?
> Heil Moravec? The PGP cryptostatutes? Granting basic human rights to AIs?
> Libber agorics? Spaced out on space programes, or, er, was it nootropics?
> Difficult questions...

Since many Extropian ideas have yet to come of age, how about we concentate
on the more pratical things - Critical Thinking as a part of basic education,
more freedom for researchers, de-legalisation of drugs (that'll get us a few
letter bombs), funding of AI research and building a global information
network. Just the fact that we acknowlege there are going to be changes in
the future should put us ahead of the rest! Any other ideas ?


P.S. Who's going to be president ?