rooms for rent

Anton Sherwood (
Fri, 13 Jun 1997 23:06:16 -0700

(For some of you this is a second announcement -
because it was not quite so definite before.)

I'm losing two rentmates at end of June. If you've been to a
"Free Exchange" you know the place. (Now picture it without chairs.)

It's a comfortable flat in northwest San Francisco,
well lit, airy, cool, near Golden Gate Park and the ocean.
Garage (one space), laundry.
One of the nearly-departed used the dining-ell for an office.

Present occupant (me) has varied interests, mild (but not monotonous)
taste in music, and a sense of humor which some find cryptic.

$450, plus $50 for whoever uses the garage.
Nonsmokers required (by landlord as well as me), book-lovers preferred.

Please pass the word.
Anton Sherwood *\\* +1 415 267 0685 *\\*