Re: advantages of uploading
Fri, 13 Jun 1997 16:31:24 -0400 (EDT)

Brent Allsop writes:

> > You may have to live in a cartoon world.
> We already live in a cartoon world! (Although I prefer to
> call it a spiritual world). Everything we are directly aware of is
> reproduced inside our brain via the data collected by our senses.
> This entire world that is our conscious knowledge is inside our brain.
> You aren't directly aware of that tree out beyond your eyes. You
> can't be because the information flows into your eyes, not out of!
> You only have a phenomenal representation of that tree in your cartoon
> world inside your brain. When you stub your toe, the pain isn't in
> the real toe, that would be impossible. The pain is inside the cartoon
> toe that is inside this cartoon world that is entirely inside your
> head. All this stuff only represents what is out beyond your senses.
> There is no color, smell, warmth, pain and so on and so forth
> outside our brains. This is all cartoon stuff. (I prefer to call it
> spiritual stuff) There is only the light, chemical content, vibrating
> molecules, and the destruction and such that these cartoon things only
> consciously represent.
> The exciting thing about uploading, is we will finally be able
> to escape from our lonely isolated cartoon worlds, that are trapped
> inside our skulls, into a unified and shared spiritual world of global
> consciousness

However, the uploaded world will be a cartoon world, with no link to the
physical. It will be even less real than the 'spiritual' stuff you talk of.
None of the entities in the uploaded world would be seperate, nor would they
be real. They would be cartoon sets of abstract rules made to look like us!