Re: advantages of uploading (was Re: re [2]: What is "New Age"? )

Damien Broderick (
Fri, 13 Jun 1997 13:31:09 +0000

At 10:44 AM 6/12/97 +0200, Anders wrote:

>(what does evolutionary theory,
>memetics and western history say about the future of postmodernism?).

I'm glad you asked that question. A suggested answer can be found in my
latest book, THEORY AND ITS DISCONTENTS, Geelong, Australia: Deakin
University Press (ISBN: 0 949823 65 1), just published. The short answer:
the dynamic of pomo - bricolage, algorithm/trope, re-combination - will be
the Dominant in both scientific and humanities discourses for the next 50
years. Sorry if that's a bit... compressed. It's unpacked in the book.

Damien Broderick