Future State

Thu, 12 Jun 1997 21:10:10 -0500 (EST)

(I originally posted this to the LA-Agora list unto which so many of us
have been assimilated, but I think its relevant here as well)

> >What we need now is libertarian philosophy adequate for life in the 21st
> >century,
> We've got one. The general concept is "Government doesn't work". The
> specifics are fairly obvious once you start there.

The current evidence seems to support the notion that economic
interference by the state is bad economics, but will this always be the
case? It is not inconcievable that advances in complex adaptive systems
theory, or some other discipline, may lead to the discovery of "lever points"
within economies that would allow articulate control of economic
rescources without the fear of collapse. Economists and scientists (evil
ones, no doubt) could provide policy makers with indefinately sustainable
socialist economic policies.

The possibilty that socialists could finally make their economics work is
not happy news. Even *if* future scientific advances make socialism a
viable system, it will still be slavery. Only then it would be far more
difficult to overcome than now when "Government doesn't work" is a good
estimation. Take home message: Stop statism before it developes into
something more efficiant.

Michael Bowling