Re: >H Media: Future of the Internet

Dan Clemmensen (
Thu, 12 Jun 1997 18:27:01 -0400

Natasha V. More (fka Nancie Clark) wrote:
> Transhuman Mailing List
> I am being interviewed for a business magazine about where the Internet is
> going - and what we expect to see around 2010 and beyond. The audience is
> more business orientated than necessarily technical. The angle I am taking
> is one of a free-fall imagination of undaunted possibilities for
> transhumans. This is good because the magazine is interested in innovative
> possibilities.
> Any points you might think are especially fascinating and surprising would
> be helpful. I don't want to miss anything that you all might think is
> important, so please participate.

My view is probably too extreme for your audience: The net will
trancend to superintelligence, initially in collaboration
witn one or more humans, before the date you mention.
for details.

Even if this is too far out, you may still wish to allude to it
to show that the other ideas aren't as ceazy as it's possible
to get.