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E. Shaun Russell (
Thu, 12 Jun 1997 07:47:18 -0700

Anders wrote:

>Adding new skills and memories would be nontrivial even if we could
>modify the neurons of the brain at will. Memories are stored in a
>distributed fashion, most likely as the synaptic strengths of widely
>interconnected neural networks in the cortex. This means that the
>memories of practicing and playing the piano are very hard to
>untangle from (say) the memories of the piano teacher, childhood
>memories, the experience of first using a computer and a lot of other

In addition, why would one want to be able to pick up a program that
makes them the "ultimate pianist?" Something must be said for the earning
of upload program such as this would be much to simple and
probably dissatisfying. Also, most of piano playing (and indeed, most other
skills) is about exploration and desire even more than it is ability.
Perhaps if there was an upload that could hone the hand\eye
abilities and increase the comprehension of the piano (or whatever) that
might be effective, though I still doubt that it would give the player the
same level of appreciation. It goes along with the same idea that " is
what man does not achieve that makes him strive to be the best."

This is partially based upon personal experience: I have played the
piano for ten years...the first four with lessons, the latter four without.
Needless to say, the aquired knowledge of the first four years has helped me
to explore the areas of the last six.

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