Re: Planet Of The Apes & Terminology- Rebuttal

Dan Hook (
Wed, 11 Jun 1997 19:38:35 -0400

The "advanced" being may think it is more advanced. Human beings have
also thought they were more advanced than others (and in some cases they
were, technologically). African (or South American? both? I forget.
source, recent Discover magazine) tribes often give themselves names that
can be translated roughly to "the most human." The tribes do not
systematically enslave each other because they cannot. They may define
themselves as better but they are not more powerful, and that is what it
comes down to. Europeans saw themselves as better than others and they had
the technology to enforce this view, although often not without a fight. I
doubt any advanced intelligence would have any use for us, as they would
probably have developed nanotech in which case the most use they would find
for us is the matter in our bodies. If they somehow managed to take to the
stars without nanotech and wanted to enslave us you can be sure that it
would be costly (and if it wasn't they would not have to take slaves).

Dan Hook
> From: Nick Nicholas <>
> I see... more is always better.To anthropomorphize a bit, you would
> rather be a chattel than a free being? If the domestication arrangement
> between "higher" and "lower" species (as determined by YOU) I assume you
> would welcome the arrangement should you encounter a more "advanced"
> being (as determined by them).