RE: Why Not Planet of the Apes

Rick Knight (
Wed, 11 Jun 97 13:27:52 CST

Carl Feynman wrote:

"I don't extend the full spectrum of human rights to nonhuman apes, so if
you want to oppress apes, it's probably OK by me. Just don't argue that
it's for their own good."

My response:

This is a potentially loaded statement and I'd like some clarification on
it as well as pose a question.

Are human rights exclusive to humans because we have the power to invent
and enforce them (as opposed to apes/gorillas and other creatures which we
have established do not)?

I continue to marvel at the mileage this "Planet of the Apes" thread seems
to have. Perhaps it touches down in a territory of undecided or
questionable ethics that make the more-evolved mind uncomfortable because
of the potential conflict of interests or duality represented by the notion
of enslaving creatures (we enslave the smart ones, we eat the dumb ones).