vcard extension

Nick Nicholas (
Wed, 11 Jun 1997 12:41:01 -0400

Your's is the third message I've recieved today about it. It is a
Netscape Communicator extension, naturally it is not handled well by
many (most?) mail clients.

I actually came accross a post on the list from someone at a-albonic
who's post came accross with a complete name & address card (apparently
this only occurs with Netscape Messenger), I tried to implement it in a
sig file and was changing my profile when I discovered the option and
turned it on.

I recieved mail from oz on this matter at 4:00 AM this morning, it
amazes me that I can annoy people 10,000 miles away with a simple check
box. Better Living through Technology.

Sincere apologies,
-Nick Nicholas