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>I jest, but seriously, does anyone know the names of the sources mentioned
>earlier listing Extropians as a cult?

Not really. There were a couple of references years ago, but it was used by
the writers for a writing flare to grab attention, rather than term of used
for substance and authenticity.

> WOuld it do any good to contact
>these people and tell them they're wrong, at least as far as the popular
>connotaion of "cult" goes?

We have, as best we can.

> Or would that be percieved like Scientologists
>attacking all critics by saying, "We're not paraniod, you're trying to destroy
>our religion!"

You have an exclamation point at the end of your example sentence. It's the
exclamation that looks and sounds defensive. When corrections are made they
need not come off as a freak-out or defense, but a comment of what is
accurate or not.

>Are there any laws banning "cult" activities? Should Extropians beware,
>or I am just paraniod?

I don't think we have anything to worry about as long as extropians don't
refer to themselves as a cult. I haven't seen that happen, because it is
not a cult. So if other people place inappropriate labels on us from time
to time, the best thing is to act calmly and clear the misconception.

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