Re: Across Realtime (WARNING: spoilers)

Kennita Watson (
Tue, 10 Jun 1997 02:15:55 -0700

>On Mon, 9 Jun 1997, Kennita Watson wrote:
>> Maybe someone with 10,000 or 100,000 years to spare? I might try it myself
>> sometime, just for fun.
Eugene Leitl responded:
>Fisher monkeys! Fisher mawnkeys! (Across Realtime, Vinge, of course).


I actually spent a while thinking about how he was doing it all wrong.
Juan Chanson's attempt was documented near the end of the book (pgs.
534-536 of the Baen paperback). He apparently:
a) didn't control the breeding of the monkeys
b) didn't even measure the monkeys' intelligence in any quantifiable way
(speed at solving problems, number of different attempts to solve a
particular problem, attention span, number of communication symbols
learned, etc.)
c) taught the monkeys to do a particular task rather than how to solve
d) gave the monkeys no pro-cognition evolutionary pressures (I bet I could
think up some very useful predators, given time) (or, say, I could try to
get something as yummy to a monkey as a banana to grow inside something
as hard as a coconut shell)
e) didn't even significantly control the environment of the monkeys
f - z) (and more) a whole _bunch_ of stuff I'd have an awfully long time
to think of

Basically I convinced myself in short order that, given his resources,
there's no way I would have ended up in his sorry situation. No surprise,
since _he_ was well on the way to being nuts when his ordeal started, and
had pretty much snapped before he even started his work on breeding an
intelligent species.


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