Re: Why Not Planet of the Apes?

Michael M. Butler (butler@comp*
Mon, 09 Jun 1997 00:44:59 -0700

"Planet of the Apes"? What about "Jerry Was A Man"?

"...Ole man ribber..."

Maybe compensation is hard to calculate--that doesn't mean it's impossible.

BTW, the Egyptians are believed to have used baboons kind of like prehensile K-9 police elements...


At 04:08 PM 6/8/97 -0700, you wrote:


>Yes, but how much should we pay them :-)


>Tony B. Csoka


>> In a message dated 08/06/97 21:21:56, you write:


>> > Friday night I was listening to a Bio prof talk about the monkeys he

>> > uses in his research. They are rugged and damn smart, and are trained

>> > to help run each new experiment.

>> >

>> > If any brand of AI researcher had a computer that good, they'd

>> > probably think they were very close to the holy grail. But here we do

>> > have such computers, and we don't put them to much use besides

>> > studying their brains.

>> >

>> > So why is it exactly that we haven't trained such monkeys to do real

>> > jobs around in our society? Couldn't they be trained to be security

>> > guards, to sweep streets, to wash cars, or to run machines in

>> > factories? Yes language is important for many jobs, but for all jobs?

>> > Sure they like to be with each other, but couldn't teams of monkeys

>> > work together?






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