Re: stupid ideas

Hagbard Celine (
Sun, 08 Jun 1997 20:06:27 -0400

Laws, David wrote:
> I seem to loose more and more imagination with each passing year. Either
> that or I have less and less time to just sit and think. My reading time
> decreases as my work time increases.

Work will eventually be a thing of the past.

Look around, people are too preoccupied with work and too little
occupied with play. We are slaves to the dollar, indeed "death by the
dollar" is more likely than not in this world. More people are killed
every year on their way to work, or at work, or due to work-related
infirmities than from anything else. Why is workaholism a virtue? Truly,
it is a disease. It leaves impressionable children at day-care, husbands
in front of the TV, and young wives dreaming of the spin-cycle. Some of
the greatest minds in the world have been duped into thinking that the
final expression of their success is the thickness of their billfold.
When I hear someone say that their work is interfering with their
imagination, I have to ask, "What were you thinking about before you
were told to go out and earn a living?"

Why not put everyone out of work? If labor unions would quit their
quibbling over the use of robotics to replace humans, people might
actually enjoy their lives. Why when you are young do you have to work
your ass off to save up enough money to be happy when you're old? Do not
the young have as much a right as anyone to enjoy the world? I am alive
right now. So are you. This means that we are not dormant, not waiting
to spring from a chrysalis at some indeterminate point in the future.
Every moment of our lives is the payoff, not an investment. Be
profoundly aware of what you are doing at all times. Eat well, exercise,
drink heartily, study what interests you, enjoy your body, mind and
soul. Ponder your existence and always seek self-improvement, but not by
someone else’s standards, only by your own.

Vitality is profoundly attractive. You are alive. Act like it.

That's all.