RE: stupid ideas

Laws, David (
Sun, 8 Jun 1997 19:30:37 -0400

I seem to loose more and more imagination with each passing year. Either
that or I have less and less time to just sit and think. My reading time
decreases as my work time increases.

I did have one silly little 'hope'. I don't even know if it was an
original thought or something I'd read over and archived so deeply in my
brain I don't recall seeing it before. Total recycling. Taking a
substance and breaking it down into it's molecular components (carbon,
oxygen, silicon, sulfur, iron, etc). Nanotech may become a vital
constituent of this process.

I am not the personality to become a fanatic about any particular idea (so
far) and have more fun reaping the fruits of others labors in areas I
mainly consider entertainment (and of course the ego boost at watching an
MTV add on the Sci-Fi channel with a doubter...'the I told you so' thing).
I do often wish I had the finances to try an idea. You gotta spend money
to make money.

I would like to hear if total recycling has been theorized and how possible
(given that the technology does not now exist) it may be.

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Those are very interesting ideas, which turned out to work well. Of
as Edison said 99% of success is perspiration. Maybe you need to work up
more of a sweat.

Do you have any predictions of the new ideas we will see succeed in the
next decade?