Re: SOC: Crime rates down again

Michael Lorrey (
Sun, 08 Jun 1997 11:48:29 -0400

Max More wrote:
> At 06:46 AM 6/6/97 -0400, you wrote:
> >>>>
> Demographics + incredible US incarceration rate!
> Except that violent people still do violence in jail!
> I suspect a combination of demographics and possibly a strong economy have
> something to do with it. Maybe different policing methods. The gang truces
> in LA must have helped.

The violence in prison is overwhelmingly male on male rape.
Unfortunately, because the Supreme Court has ruled that prison officials
are responsible for the safety of prisoners, and that with the incidence
of HIV infection so high, a rape can mean a death sentench, exposing
non-death penalty prisoners to rape while in prison constitutes cruel
and unusual punishment, as it exceeds the punishment meted out by the
juries by which those prisoners were convicted. Because of this, prison
officials repress reports of rape in order to limite their liability. If
prisoners were widely aware of this, that they have a right to be
protected from rape in prison, they could launch a huge class action
mandamus lawsuit against the prison system, and possibly win their
freedom for such time as it takes to build prisons where one can expect
a modicum of security from rape...

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