Re: New Age Angst
Thu, 5 Jun 1997 01:59:36 -0500 (EST)

On Wed, 4 Jun 1997, Anders Sandberg wrote:

> We need to teach ourselves and others rational thinking, and we
> better start now.

Very true. I just a few days ago grabbed some books on logic, a subject
I've had only passing contact with in the past. The very
basics of rational thought, as far as I can tell now, are fairly simple to
grasp, and provide a substantial leap forward in critical thinking skills.
Considering this and the fact that rational thinking is so crucial, I'm
floored by the fact that I'm 26 and having to go out of my way to learn
it. I can't believe my formal education thus far (high school, a BA,
working on a BS) has not offered to explicitly teach me how to think.
Note that I am human. Failing to teach humans how to think clearly is
like birds not teaching their young how to fly (I don't know if flying is
learned, but you get the analogy). My first semester organic
chemistry instructor is the only teacher I've ever had who has strongly
emphasized a thought process when approaching a problem.

Bill Clinton wants to ensure every school kid has access to the Internet.
Never mind the fact that without rational thinking skills they'll never be able
to distinguish noise from valuable information. IMO, this is the most
devestating failure of failure of American education.