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Wed, 4 Jun 1997 23:00:32 +0000

On Wed, 4 Jun 1997 wrote:

> Please no! It's bad enough having people who think they can talk on their
> phones and walk at the same time, but reading!?

Hmm, only a few hours ago I was reading a book while walking to my dance
class (finally decided I had to read all the Vernor Vinge books I've
missed), and didn't crash into anything. Just a matter of good situational

Steve Roberts (the original Technomad) used to read and write email while
cycling, so doing so while walking can't be any harder or more dangerous.

> Why, exactly, do you need a head-up and a head tracker to replace paper ?

Because I can't carry 1 GB of data around on paper. I also can't create
Web sites on paper, or play Duke Nukem on paper... of course walking and
playing Duke Nukem could get a little more dangerous than reading ;-).

> Can anyone tell me why an SG O2, a professional workstation, is easier to
> setup, install, use and upgrade than a home PC ? It's not the cost!

Because Microsoft didn't write the operating system?

> It's a lot to ask from an industry seems to spend more time making colorful
> icons than making computers that don't crash, files that don't corrupt and
> applications that don't just decide to 'loose all unsaved information'.

Well, I run Linux so I don't have these problems (I don't really miss the
colorful icons). Worst that ever happens is losing the last bookmark or
two when buggy old Netscape blows away every couple of weeks.


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