Michael M. Butler (butler@comp*
Tue, 03 Jun 1997 02:41:36 -0700

<excerpt>So it

seems better to concentrate on wearable connectivity, than on wearable

processing power. With good enogh connectivity, the border between

communication and computation starts to blur.


I tend to agree. I want looong battery life, not crunch. Although strong
crypto and GSM do require some computing capacity, I suspect a 75 MHz K5
would be adequate for most of my purposes at present. I probably would
want an extremely reliable storage medium, but at 6 MBytes/hr of GSM
voice recording, a little could go a long way... IFF I had the right


Another point: You will not always have the spare attention to do word

</excerpt>processing, web browsing or email anywhere.

Phil Foglio once had a throwaway joke in one panel of a Xxxenophile story
that is to the point: the heroine was wearing a Walkman-style stereo unit
and headphones. The Walkman was labeled "MUG-ME BOX".

I still call them that.

Good attention habits are important everywhere.


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