Re: Borg... sounds Swedish (Review, Rants, Spoilers and Spe

Dan Hook (
Sat, 31 May 1997 15:37:25 -0400

> It is not certain the optimal state is total unity, that might cause
> undue waste of bandwidth. If bandwidth is limited there is no point
> in broadcasting all mental activity, so keeping some of it internal
> is reasonable. The topology of the network is also important, since
> it might cause differentiation: a group of units somewhat isolated
> from the Collective would form a small borganism relatively loosely
> connected with the Collective, and if the units were stringed out we
> would get a "linear mind" (like the tine sentries in AFUTD).

An interesting organism that I have speculated on is one that takes up the
entire universe. If the speed of light was a barrier for such a creature
its thought processes would be interesting indeed. Perhaps this is what is
meant by "linear mind" but I have yet to read AFUTD.

Dan Hook