Re: Borg... sounds Swedish (Review, Rants, Spoilers and Spe

Dan Hook (
Sat, 31 May 1997 11:26:50 -0400

> Its interesting that the story implied that this new species are
> ferocious fighters who live by an extremely Darwinian credo: "And the
> weak shall perish." This would explain why their military technologies
> have reached such a high level that they can take on and wipe out a Borg
> Armada of 15 cubes with ease. That they originate from a thin stream of
> space that is awash in "gravi-temporal disturbances" would imply the
> possibility that they are an extremely advanced species from the far
> future (which would explain the dense DNA, which would resist rediation
> better than ours does) possibly near the opemga point. Their extreme
> level of evolvement, and DNA radiation resistance together point to
> this.

I was thinking parallel universe. It would avoid a lot of paradoxes of
time travel. Both violate the laws of physic so either one is a valid
choice. They could be from an older parallel universe.
The "gravi-temporal disturbances" could be there way of practicing
intergalactic travel. I seem to remember an episode of TNG were a crew
member was made super smart by an alien probe. He then proceeded to warp
space-time, which caused gravitational distortions, to bring the ship
instantly to the center of the galaxy to meet the senders of the probe
(harmless, if non-corporeal, researchers).

> Working with the Borg serves a useful strategic interest, not only of
> the Voyager, but of the Federation. The Borg are apparently the only
> thing impeding this new species advancement into Federation space. If
> you help the Borg fight the new species, they will 1) be less likely to
> flee into Federation space, and 2)be more occupied with fighting the new
> species than in fleeing, thus slowing the Borg expansion into Federation
> space.

I was wondering, is every single alien and alien ship going to be
destroyed? If even one was left the borg could assimilate it and they
would be unstoppable. Of course, the fact that the borg could not develop
nanite warfare and a Federation computer (the holographic doctor) could
shows a certain lack of ability to improvise.

Also, in a previous voyager episode they documented (in a fashion) the
evolution of the borg. A borg ship became dysfunctional and the crew fled
to a planet below. They lost their connectivity and started to fight
because they were species trained to hate each other. One group (a
commune) wanted to reestablish the collective because it would mean peace.
They used coercive tactics to do so and succeeded. They did not proceed to
try and assimilate anyone but no one else was a threat. The original
commune thought that they were not only assuring their own existence but
that they were also improving the condition of everyone on the planet.
This mentality could easily be extended to all life forms.

I, like Anders, think the borg are a very interesting alien. I also think
they are a great evolutionary step forward. It may be that each and every
individual in the collective thinks they are still an individual but with
access to a great deal of resources and not residing in any one place.
Therefore, the individual would be just as inclined to sacrifice himself as
anyone else. Of course, an individual with access to these resources might
find himself gradually scrapping every part of him that was him before
assimilation because it is no longer useful. Bring on the borgs!

Dan Hook