Investments - Think nano

Jason Cikaluk (
Wed, 28 May 1997 03:04:42 -0700

Hi there
Lots of talk about index funds.
The S&P 500 will crash through the floor in a nano-replicator world.
Other than land, rare art work etc, what will hold relative value and
probably skyrocket?
I suggest platinum.
Page 433 of Nanosystems says that Platinum(Palladium is even harder to
buy) group metals will be used as catalysts in mechanochemical processes.
1 kilo of Pt will process 10^10 kg but that is at 10^4 cycles/sec, mature
nano might operate at 10^6 or faster.
There are only 3.3 million oz mined each yr, 2.7 mil from South Africa.

(Don't buy the South African platinum mining ADRs, they will bail on
them in a nano-world, national wealth at stake, diamonds worthless,
gold useless - if you are an extropian who owns gold coins instead
of platinum, dump em.)

NYMEX platinum contracts are relatively illiquid.
TOKOM contracts in Japan are more liquid, however, they may block
delivery to foreigners, again for national interests.
I suggest Canadian Maple Leaf or Australian Koala coins. Possibly 1-10 oz
wafers, check the premium.
Email me if you want to know where to buy them.
Even if an nano-replicator needs only 1/100 of an oz, (I don't know
how much is needed, it might take an oz or more), no one will sell it to
I can foresee a nano-world where transactions are paid for by
platinum coated diamondoid cards.

I know Eugene, Anders and others will say:
There is a cubic kilometer of platinum in the asteroid belt(wild guess).

But it is there, not here. And who owns that, btw? Is it the first one to
attach a probe to an asteroid owns it? What are the laws? Is it companies
or nations or individuals who can claim asteroid ownership?
Or are the asteroids the property of all Terran citizens, pro-rata?
Experts, please.

Wars could easily erupt as South Africa and Russia completely forbid
platinum or palladium sales. Invading nano mining probes could scoop
the metal out of the mines, then full-scale nano war erupts plus maybe

The S&P500 or Russell 5000 will probably average 12% (dividends
reinvested) over the next 24 yrs. That will give you $16 for each $1
invested, ignoring taxes.
It is now 2021. You can buy a nano food replicator, the design may
be free if you trade some platinum. Stick a Coke in, disassemble,
reassemble, Coke is free. Coke stock value near zero.
Analyze the Dow stocks. Who is going to eat at Mcdonalds for $10
(3% inflation) when you can eat filet mignon, lobster etc for free? Stock
price near zero.
(Some Big Mac diehards, who, of course, will stick the food in their

Restaurants will charge for service, ambience etc.

Boeing will be very worried about maglev, above and below ground.
Price of planes manufactured from diamondoid, etc, should crash. Stock
way down.

You can do the rest yourself.

Wealthy Extropians buy a couple ozs, it won't break you, and you can
thank me later.
Eugene and other currently financially deprived extropians like me, 1 oz
should be ok for now.

Jason Cikaluk