Firewire and Medical Technology

Rick Knight (
Tue, 27 May 97 11:25:08 CST

my inner geek wrote:

"It's interesting how many companies in the medical device industries
a quite content selling their products at a very high price, since
the insurance carriers pick up the bills.

"Consumer PC technologies are driven prices down, but many of these
companies are reluctant to incorporate these less expensive
technologies into their products because it would decrease their

"One possible GENERAL strategy would be to examine the whole industry
of medical electronics. Then, instrument by instrument, create
competing designs based on the latest microprocessors, PCs, & DSPs.

I imagine that many developing nations would appreciate having
alternatives when shopping for the hardware for new hospitals."

Bravo Ken! This is the type of neuron firing I would like to see more
of in this forum. For me, you informed me of an exciting new
technology which I was hoping someone would invent (personally I'm
looking forward to downloadable music and video as an alternative to
videos/CDs). You also pointed out a sedentary characteristic of the
medical establishment and its dysfunctional connection with insurance
which likely causes health care to be less affordable and accessible
to all citizens. You then underscored the benefit of a retooling (a
favorite Extropian pursuit I dare say) this industry for not only our
own culture's benefit but for the developing nations who may yet
benefit from us blazing the industrial trail and possibly saving them
a few steps/pitfalls.

This was my expectation of Extropian thinking, here evidenced in Ken's
e-mail. It contributes, it is inquiring and innovative, it is not
self-serving, and expresses benevolent vision. What else would be the
agenda of the wizened visionary?

Thanks for the URL reference to the Firewire home page. Exciting
stuff! As we approach critical mass connectivity, think of what may
be accomplished. Our world is becoming a fully developed brain and
each of us are its synapses.


Rick Knight