Re: EXTROS-MYSTICS (in triple quotations)
Sat, 24 May 1997 16:26:35 -0400 (EDT)

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>>> [...]
>>> acceptable. I wouldn't say that this applies to extropy. People *are*
>>> extropians...they, for the most part, don't just adopt futuristic and
>>> progressive beliefs for the hell of it. That is why many on this list
>>> [...]
>>You're saying we are freaks, locally enrichened dropout deposits,
>>originated by a Darwinian fluke. Can't agree more, having seen the same
>>phenomenon on sci.cryonics/CryoNet, where it is even more pronounced. Bad
>>thing this seems to correlate (anecdotal evidence) with a cranky attitude,
>>inability to cooperate (which is not exactly instrumental). If true, one
>>should be aware of this, if only to give one a mental kick in the ass.

We're not saying that Extro are freaks. Saying that everyone is Extro
underneath all the irrational beliefs and blind faith. But a lot of you are
freaks anyway!

>And, then there is the extropic element of refined emotions which, when
>implemented, relieve the kick in the ass tendency. By way of learned
>while provoking one to access situations, that knee-jerk crankiness becomes
>sculpted into a acquired wisdom.


I bet you can do that while drinking a glass of water!

Ahh Ahh